If you have existing keyword data in your campaigns, Campaign Creator will automatically transfer these to your new campaigns. However, we do not transfer all of your keywords.  

Your campaigns are only as good as your keywords. Following that logic, only keywords that have proven to convert, will be added to your new campaigns. 

What Keywords does Campaign Creator transfer?

Campaign Creator will transfer keywords that have generated at least 1 sale in the past 30 days. Making sure we're only bidding on keywords that have proven to convert, improves conversion rate and reduces inefficient spend. Your keywords will be transferred with the same text and match type from your existing campaigns.  

How does Campaign Creator know where to transfer keywords? 

When determining the placement of a keyword, Campaign Creator reviews the keyword to ASIN relationship. If a keyword generated sales for a particular ASIN it will be added to that ad group. If a keyword resulted in a sale for multiple products, it will be added to all relevant ad groups. 

If you're running the Advanced 'Audience Based' Structure, we'll map all possible keywords against the list of user-entered brand and competitor terms to route the keyword to the correct target ad group/campaign. This means keywords associated with your brand will be added to your brand campaign.

Will there be situations where no keywords are transferred?
Yes, if a keyword has not generated any sales in the past 30 days, it will not be transferred. This can occur with seasonal products or in situations where users may be bidding on non-performing keywords. 

If no keywords are transferred to a new campaign or ad group, the campaign will still be created, but the ad group will show as ‘incomplete’ in Amazon. Over time, your Auto campaign will generate keyword recommendations based on consumer search terms to add to these ad groups. Once keywords are added to the campaign it will automatically begin running. 

Pro tip: Use Flywheel's Keywords to Add functionality to discover data-back keywords to add to your campaigns. 

The same logic will apply if your products are new to advertising and you're just beginning the keyword discovery process. Learn more about the benefits of running Basic 'mirrored' Campaign Structure

Are my existing Negative Keywords also added? 

No negative keywords are transferred to new campaigns. 

This includes: 

  1. No negative keywords from existing keywords.
  2. Keywords added to new manuals are not auto-negated within the new auto campaign. 
  3. Brand and Competitor keywords are not automatically added as 'negative phrase' keywords in their corresponding campaigns. This is specific to the Advanced Build Type.

Learn more about adding negative keywords in Amazon.

How can I see what keywords were transferred in Flywheel?

At this time, Campaign Creator does not store a log of keyword transfers in Flywheel. 

If you would like to review the changes made, download the 'Bulk Operations File' from Campaign Manager in Amazon. Select 'todays date' for the date range and include "campaigns with no impressions" to see the most recent info.

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