The bulk operations report is a great way to quickly review your campaigns and associated data. This reports shows all of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads, as well as Amazon settings and performance metrics, such as spend, clicks, impressions, sales. 

To download your Bulk Operations Report, commonly referred to as your "bulk file", follow this simple steps: 

First, log in to your Amazon Account, navigate to the 'Campaign Manager' within the Advertising section. 

Within Campaign Manager, select 'bulk operations', here you will be presented with 3 steps to take, but we're only interested completing step 1. 

  1. Date Range: Customize the date range for your report (See Pro Tip below)

  2. Uncheck 'campaigns with zero impression', Amazon's default is to exclude these. 

  3. Click 'create spreadsheet for download'

Within a few minutes, your request bulk file will generate in the 'bulk spreadsheet history' below. You can access these downloads at any time. Click 'download' to access your bulk file. Be sure to navigate the to 'sponsored products' sheet. 

Pro Tip: If you'd like to review changes made to your campaigns with Flywheel's Campaign Creator download two bulk files with different date ranges. 

Before Campaign Creation: Download the bulk file with a 30 day date range, include terminated campaigns and campaigns with no impressions. This will be helpful when reviewing the transferred keywords, especially with seasonal campaigns and negatives.  

Post Campaign Creation: Download the bulk file with 'todays' data. This will give you insights to the changes made to your campaigns and which keywords were transferred.

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