Campaign Creator does not currently add or transfer any negative keywords. Adding too many negative keywords can significantly reduce your ad visibility, conversely adding no negatives could result in overspending.

Since we do not have enough data to validate certain existing negatives keywords had previously resulted in inefficient spend, Campaign Creator cannot safely transfer negative keywords.

Since Campaign Creator only transfers keywords proven to convert (history of generating sales) your risk of accumulating a high amount of wasted spend in your new manual campaigns will be low.

What causes wasted ad spend?

The main culprit that causes wasted spend is when users add a high volume of keywords to their campaigns that have no performance data to support them. Often sellers will source keywords from third parties and/or add similar keywords with all match types.

For example, if you're selling 'Bath Salts', Amazon may recommend the keywords: "bath", "bath bombs", "salts", "salt shaker" and ask also suggest you add these as a broad, phrase, and exact match to your campaigns.

Adding all of these keywords to your Bath Salts campaign is like throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping it sticks. Bidding on all of these keywords will reduce your click thru rate (CTR), your conversion rate, and increase your wasted ad spend, which means an increase in ACoS.

Tips for Transferring Negative Keywords:

If you wish to add negative keywords, you will need to export this information from Amazon using the bulk file and manually upload to your new campaigns.

If you're transferring existing negative keywords to your new campaigns, be sure to:
1. Add the negatives at the ad group level only
2. Add them as negative exact match only

Note: Be sure to add your negatives at the ad group level to avoid hurting your visibility. And only do so, if you’ve been following negative keyword best practices. 

If you're adding brand/competitor keywords (Specific to Advanced 4:1 build):
1. Add the negatives at the campaign level
2. Add them as negative phrase match

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