You now have the ability to set MACS at the ad group level!

Ad Group MACS gives you a deeper level of control, accuracy, and responsiveness over Teika’s bidding algorithm. With faster exploration and improved responsiveness, our improved bidding A.I. sets better, more accurate bids to enable you to achieve your product-level advertising strategies more precisely.

Benefits of Ad Group MACS:

  1. Set better, more accurate bids. Settings MACS targets for ad groups enables better, more accurate bids because you can adjust your strategies on a product-level basis.

  2. Explore keywords more quickly and improve responsiveness. Since keyword exploration limits are evaluated at an ad group level, every keyword has a faster road to exploration. Spend less time discovering keywords which drive value for your business.

  3. Take more control over your performance. Establish more granular marketing strategies and more accurately measure and calculate value for the broken out strategies, rather than looking at the average.

  4. Save time. Update your bidding strategies as your advertising goals evolve without having to restructure your campaigns.

How does it Work in Flywheel?
Nothing has changed with you how to determine the correct MACS to set. You still want to consider your margins and advertising goals, only now you have more control over performance and the levers you can pull.

Exposing your ad group level data, gives you the same level of control over an ad group as you do a campaign.

Simply expand the campaign to expose associated ad groups. If you currently have MACS set for a campaign, that value will trickle down to each ad group. For best results, customize your settings to align with your advertising goals.

  1. Expand campaign to reveal ad groups.

  2. Use the campaign level MACS for each ad group or customize based on your advertising goals.

  3. Set custom bid floor to get an extra boost in spend and generate more exposure.

  4. Disable/Enable bid automation, if needed.

  5. Always hit 'Save Settings'!

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