Flywheel is designed to support 3P (Third Party Sellers) and 1P (First Party Vendors) globally. To integrate your Amazon data and get the most out of Flywheel a few connections need to be made.

Step 1: Connect your Amazon Advertising account:

Connecting your Amazon account during the onboarding process allowed us to automatically integrate all of your campaign, keyword, and advertising data prior to logging into Flywheel. For large accounts, it could take up to 12 hours for all of your data to appear in Flywheel.

Navigate to the ‘Advertising’ section of Flywheel to see your advertising data.

Step 2: Connect your MWS Credentials:

Connect your MWS to begin syncing your product and totals sales data in Flywheel. This connection is required to access the ‘My Products’ section and unlock profitability insights.

If you’re a 3P seller and the Teikametrics Account Owner, connect to MWS in-app by clicking the red banner. Please allow 24 hours for the sync to complete. (This functionality is not available for 1P sellers).

Not the Teikametrics Account Owner? No problem, learn how to retrieve your MWS token here.

Additional Resources:

Selling on multiple marketplaces? Learn more about the markets we support and how to connect them here.

Have other team members who need access? Learn how to add a user here.

Now that you’re connected, let’s review the steps to get you set up for success in Flywheel.

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