There are 4 steps to take in Flywheel to kick off the optimization process and ensure you’re setting yourself up for success.

Click into each step below to learn how to complete these actions and access more information. We recommend completing these steps in this order.

Step 1: Enter Product Level Data: COGS & Goals* ← click to learn more!

Getting a pulse on the current health of your business starts at the product level. To gain profitability insights and make informed decisions on your advertising strategy, enter your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), and define your advertising goals for your product catalog. These can be set in Product Settings.

*Requires MWS

Step 2: Review Campaign Structure

Not all Sponsored Products campaigns are created equal. Optimizing your campaign structure will make all the difference to improve your Amazon Marketing game plan and ensure you receive the best results when enabling bid automation (MACS) in Flywheel.

Make sure your campaigns align with our best practices or visit Flywheel Campaign Creator* to get a fresh start. We'll do the heavy lifting for you!

*Campaign Creator requires MWS.

Step 3: Start Bid Automation: Set MACS for your Campaigns

Kick off the machine learning process when you enable bid automation. Set the Max Ad Cost Per Sale (MACS) for your campaigns and ad groups. Flywheel will start automatically calculating your optimal bids and publishing directly in Amazon, so you don't have to! These can be set on the Campaigns page.

Flywheel is designed to simplify the process of keyword management by providing you with recommendations for new keywords to add to your campaigns, as well as, recommendations for adding negative keywords, using data from your Amazon account.

Discover new keywords in Keywords to Add and identify opportunities to reduce wasted ad spend in Keywords to Negate.

*Keyword Actions sync every 7 days, you may not see your data right away.

Now that you know the important actions to get you set up, let's learn more about the different pages of Flywheel and how these work for your business.

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