There are four main sections within Flywheel: Home, My Products, Advertising, and Analytics. Here you will receive an overview of each section and how it pertains to your business.

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Section 1: Home

Flywheel is designed to provide you with visibility into how your advertising is impacting your overall Amazon business. To help you understand this impact the Home section highlights:

  • Your most important performance metrics: Est. Gross Profit, Total Sales, Ad Sales, Ad Spend, and Total ACoS (TACoS)

  • Trends in Performance with the ability to customize the date range

  • Actions that need attention in your account

  • Educational Resources

Section 2: My Products

The My Products section shows you how your products are performing at the SKU level while providing actionable insights to help you shape your advertising strategy.*

  • Enter COGS to unlock key profitability metrics: Gross Margin, Pre-Ad GM, Est. Gross Profit

  • Analyze your overall Amazon business: What do your gross profit and gross margin look like?

  • See if you are being profitable

  • Review metrics at the SKU level: Is your best-selling product also your most profitable?

Test it out! Sort by total sales. If your gross margin or estimated gross profit is negative, each sale is costing you money!

Section 3: Advertising

This is the main hub for all of your advertising needs.

  • Compare and export period over period data for key advertising metrics, including ACoS, conversion rate, cost-per-click

  • Review and analyze the performance of all your campaigns

  • Make changes to your bidding strategies

  • Discover new keywords to use in your campaigns. Identify keywords that are resulting in wasted ad spend

  • Track actions taken in Flywheel to keywords and bid adjustments

Section 4: Analytics

Gain valuable insights on your Amazon business when you review and compare key ad performance metrics across your storefronts using Flywheel Analytics.

  • Understand your Amazon Performance Holistically: Compare performance across profiles, advertising types, and campaigns

  • Compile and Review Performance of Similar Campaigns: View subsets of your campaigns to understand how specific ad types or product lines are performing relative to your business

  • Customize Date Ranges and Metrics: Drill down to specific time periods and metrics to troubleshoot blips in performance

  • Export your Data: Download your data for more granular metrics, allowing you to analyze daily metrics associated with each campaign

*MWS connection is required to view products in Flywheel. This feature is not available to 1P or FR sellers.

Now that you're familiar with Flywheel and its features, let's learn some tips to aid in your success.

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