Being successful on Flywheel is more than just mastering the feature set, it involves having a solid understanding of Amazon Advertising, establishing a workflow, and consistent evaluations of campaign performance. Don’t worry we’re here to help you!

Master Amazon Advertising:

Flywheel is a tool designed to help you optimize your advertising performance on Amazon. As a Seller, you should be mindful that success on Flywheel is dependent on your knowledge of Amazon Advertising. Master Amazon Advertising to improve your success on Flywheel.

If you're new to advertising on Amazon or are interested in testing your skills, check out this crash course created by Amazon.

Establish a Workflow:

Sponsored Products isn’t a “set it and forget it” service. Be consistent with your evaluations of campaigns and constantly moving with the market.

Learn the actions to take on a weekly, monthly, and as-needed basis to succeed with your advertising.

Evaluating Campaign Performance:

The landscape of Amazon’s marketplace is constantly changing, whether it be buyer’s shopping habits changed, a new competitor came to the market, or Amazon introduced a new ad type. These changes will directly impact the performance of your keywords and campaigns.

Learn tips for evaluating and troubleshooting performance:

Collection: Evaluate Performance & Troubleshooting Tips

Article: Are my campaigns working?

Article: Analyze Trends in Performance (ACoS vs TACoS)

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