Sponsored Products isn’t a “set it and forget it” service. Be consistent with your evaluations of campaigns and constantly moving with the market. Learn the actions to take on a weekly, monthly, and as-needed basis to succeed with your advertising.

Weekly Actions:

  • Take the recommended keyword actions. You'll receive the weekly performance email to remind you to take action.
  • Review key performance trends on the homepage to make sure there are no major spikes in performance (i.e. significant decline in spend or sales)

Biweekly/Monthly Actions:

  • Review MACS for your campaigns to make sure they align with current performance. (i.e. if you notice a spike in ACoS increase your MACS)
  • Review the health of your products to identify SKUs that may be running at a negative gross margin and make adjustments to strategy.

As-Needed Actions:

  • Create new campaigns if your ad strategy shifts (i.e. searches involving your brand increase and need to move to an audience based campaign structure)
  • Update your COGS
  • Update goals as your products move to new life cycle stages

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