Good campaign structure is the foundation to success on Amazon. Implementing a smart and scalable structure from the launch of your advertising campaigns will make all the difference as you grow your Amazon business and ensure the best results when you enable Flywheel bid automation,

Evaluate your campaigns to make sure they’re structured according to our best practices to ensure you see the best results with Flywheel.

Campaign Structure Best Practices:

Part One: Product Groupings

Group products by Parent ASIN or Product Line, ensure these products also have similar attributes, such as:

  • Goals: products fall in the same life cycle stage: Launch, Growth, Profit

  • Margins: products have similar gross margins

  • Price: products are of similar price point

Learn more about our best practices here.

Part Two: Campaign Structure Builds

Utilize both auto and manual campaigns for all of your products. Running both campaign types will allow you to take advantage of the benefits offered by each type and ensure you are able to effectively use Flywheel's Keyword Actions. There are two types of campaign builds we recommend:

*Only use the advanced build type if buyers are often searching for your brand.

Note: If you choose to continue with your existing campaigns, review the health of your keywords prior to setting your MACS. To avoid overspending and/or spikes in ACoS, consider pausing any keywords that have not generated any sales in 30 days or are running at a high ACoS ( over 50%).

Flywheel Campaign Creator:

Not sure about your campaign structure? Visit our Campaign Creator! We’ll help you build goal-oriented campaigns in 4 quick steps. We’ll even transfer your top keywords! Learn more about Campaign Creator works here.

Additional Resources:

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