Keyword optimization is crucial to maintaining efficiency on Amazon. When dealing with keywords it is more important to focus on quality over quantity, or you will run the risk of driving up wasted ad spend and increasing your campaign ACOS.

There are two types of keyword actions for you to take a weekly basis: adding keywords and negating keywords.

Add New Keywords: Keywords to Add

Add keywords from Auto campaigns: Discover search terms in your auto campaign that have resulted in a conversion on your ads. Use Flywheel to add these search terms as keywords in your manual campaigns. *Must be running both auto and manual campaigns, a 'mirrored' campaign structure recommended.

Add keywords from Manual Campaigns: Discover new long-tail keywords and opportunities to refine keyword match type using data from your existing keywords within your manual campaigns.

Learn more: Adding New Keywords

Tip: Add a filter on the 'type' column to easily identify the different types of recommendations.

Best Practice: Adding Keywords: Search terms that have resulted in 2 or more conversions are proven to be better quality keywords and will result in better results.

Add a filter to the 'conversion' column to view only keyword recommendations with at least 2 conversions.

Adding Negative Keywords: Keywords to Negate

The greatest threat to profitability with Amazon Advertising is inefficient advertising spend. This means paying for clicks that don’t convert into sales. Adding negative keywords will help you reduce wasted ad spend and improve ACoS by targeting your ads to the most relevant searches.

Keywords to Negate: Flywheel will make new recommendations for search terms to be added as a negative keyword on a weekly basis. Any search term that has generated $5 of ad spend and resulted in no sales, will be added to this list.

Search terms selected for negation will be added as a 'negative exact match' at the ad group level (designated based on 'source ad group') automatically in Amazon.

Note: The search term is added a negative keyword, not the keyword.

Best Practice: Negative Keywords: Do not blindly add every recommendation as a negative keyword, this could reduce your visibility on Amazon and hurt your sales. Carefully review each recommendation and create thresholds for the number of clicks, the amount of spend, and days running to determine when you should negate a search term.

For example, over 10 clicks, over $14 of spend, and running 20 days > if the search term meets 2 of 3 of these thresholds, consider negating it. Learn more about negative keywords best practices.

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