Using the Home Page in Flywheel

The goal of advertising is to grow your total sales while remaining profitable, that's why we highlight the main components of your business in one snapshot. Use the home page to track the impact your advertising has on your overall Amazon business.

Let’s get a feel for the page:

  1. Profile Picker: This drop-down is multifunctional. Use it to edit the display name for your storefront(s); to access different storefronts if you have more than one connected to Flywheel, and to log out of Flywheel.

  2. Date Picker: Data defaults to show trailing 30-day window, use this date picker to set custom date ranges. We keep historical data for as long as you’re a customer. The longer you use Flywheel, the more data you will have available.

  3. Key Performance Metrics: Compare total sales, ad sales, ad spend, and TACoS to your estimated gross profit by clicking on the metrics. Definitions provided below.

  4. Take Action: Key action items are highlighted to help you get set up and stay current on changes in your account.

  5. Discover Flywheel: This section shows you what Flywheel has done on your behalf, as well as keep you posted on important news and educational resources. The purple box shows you the number of bid changes the bidding algorithm has made for you over the past 30 days.

Let’s review those metrics:

1. Estimated Gross Profit: Indicates your profitability over a given time period, reflected as monetary value. Calculation in Flywheel: Total Sales - (Amazon Selling Fees + FBA Fees + COGS + Ad Spend)

  • Requires COGS to be set for all or some products

  • Appears on the Home page (account level) and Product Metrics (product level)

2. TACoS: ‘Total Advertising Cost of Sale’ or Total ACoS measures the impact of your advertising on your overall business or the effectiveness of your ad spend in relation to your total sales. A lower TACoS indicates you're generating more sales organically

  • Calculated as: (Ad Spend) / (Total Sales) *100

  • View TACoS at the product and account level

3. Total Sales: Your total Amazon sales (includes paid and organic) over a given time period.

4. Total Ad Sales: Total sales generated by Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands advertising over a given time period.

5. Total Ad Spend: Total amount spent on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands advertising over a given time period.

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