Understanding the overall profitability of your business starts at the product level. If you’re only focusing on your advertising performance, you may not realize how your ad spend and other Amazon fees are affecting your bottom line.

My Products contains 2 sub-sections: Product Metrics and Product Settings

On the Product Metrics page, you can see your most important metrics at the SKU level. Sort and filter by any of the metrics to see how each product is performing and identify opportunities to improve performance. We also include your Amazon selling fees and FBA fees!

Uncover insights to start answering the tough questions, like:

Is your best selling product also your most profitable?

Do you know how much you can spend on advertising and still turn a profit?

Are your products unprofitable before advertising?

Does your advertising strategy align with your product goals?

Product Settings contains your entire catalog. Use this page to enter and update COGS information and product goals. Changes made here will be reflected on the product metrics page.


Product Metrics: Overview

Learn common strategies: Using the Product Metrics Page

Collection: Product Metrics

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