The advertising section consists of 5 sub-sections: Ad Metrics, Campaigns, Campaign Creator, Keyword Actions, and Change History.

Below is a brief overview of the sections and key resources to help further guide you. Click on the sub-section header to navigate to the page in Flywheel.

Advertising in Flywheel

Ad Metrics: Review account level ad metrics, including a period over period comparison to highlight areas where performance has improved/declined.

Campaigns: Review campaign performance data for your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. Navigate here to set MACS to enable bid automation.

Associated Resources:

Campaign Page Overview

Collection: Campaigns

Collection: Bid Automation: Setting MACS

Campaign Creator: Flywheel Campaign Creator allows you to quickly build properly structured campaigns that are aligned with your product goals and target audiences to improve workflow efficiency and performance results.

Associated Resource:

Collection: Flywheel Campaign Creator

Keyword Actions: Regular maintenance of your keyword actions is vital to continued success on Amazon. Review your keyword action recommendations weekly to discover new keywords to add and keywords to negate.

Associated Resource:

Collection: Keyword Actions in Flywheel

Change History: Visit change history to see a log of all keyword actions completed and bid adjustments published to Amazon. The 200 most recent adjustments will be displayed. Tip: Use ‘filter by campaign’ to drill down on activity for a particular campaign.

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