Gain valuable insights on your Amazon business when you review and compare key ad performance metrics across your storefronts using Flywheel Analytics.

Flywheel Analytics allows you to compare trends in data across your campaigns and profiles (storefronts), giving you the opportunity to view trends across different metrics.

Some Popular Metrics to Compare:

Attributed Ad Sales v Ad Spend: How is ad spend impacting your ad sales? Visualize your ACoS using this comparison.

Ad Spend v Clicks: See how changes in spend influence your click volume. If you reduce your spend and also notice a sharp decline in clicks, you may need to re-evaluate where your products are in their lifecycle.

Impressions v Clicks: How many people who see your ad are also clicking it? High impressions with low clicks may indicate you're bidding on the wrong keywords.

Clicks vs Conversions: High number of clicks with a low number of conversions may indicate your listing needs optimization.

Advertising Units v Conversions: Are there products that typically result in multiple units being purchased in one transaction? Products that result in the purchase of 1+ units per conversion increase your net ad revenue and yield a higher conversion rate.

Export the dataset to view which campaigns hold these products and other helpful metrics.


Collection: Reporting and Analytics

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