Flywheel is designed to simplify the process of keyword management by providing you with recommendations for new keywords to add to your campaigns, as well as, recommendations for adding negative keywords, using data from your Amazon account.

Add New Keywords: Keywords to Add

Add keywords from Auto campaigns: Discover search terms in your auto campaign that have resulted in a conversion on your ads. Use Flywheel to add these search terms as keywords in your manual campaigns. *Must be running both auto and manual campaigns. Mirrored campaign structure recommended.

Add keywords from Manual Campaigns: Discover new long-tail keywords and opportunities to refine keyword match types using data from your existing keywords within your manual campaigns.

Additional Page Functionality:

Search Term Tagging: Use tagging to easily identify new keyword recommendations that include a brand or competitor term. Learn more here.

Instant-Link Ad Group: Activate instant link to automate the ad group suggestion process when adding new keywords to campaigns. Learn more here.

Adding Negative Keywords: Keywords to Negate

Keywords to Negate: Flywheel will make new recommendations for search terms to be added as a negative keyword on a weekly basis. Any search term that has generated $5 of ad spend and resulted in no sales, will be added to this list.

Search terms selected for negation will be added as a 'negative exact match' at the ad group level (designated based on 'source ad group') automatically in Amazon.

Note: The search term is added a negative keyword, not the keyword.

Learn more: Negative Keywords

Learn more: Best Practices for Negative Keywords

Keyword Automation

Keyword Automation: Enabled keyword automation by setting rules based on the number of clicks, conversions, and/or ACoS and have Flywheel take your weekly actions automatically. Learn more here.

Only applies to keywords to add, negative recommendations cannot be automated.

Note: Keyword actions are generated on a weekly basis.

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