Inventory management is one of the most important and also challenging aspects of running an e-commerce business. Many businesses lack the data and insights to proactively and accurately replenish their inventory often resulting in over and understocking of products, this can have a lasting impact on your long-term profitability.

Too much inventory can lead to problems with cash flow since you’ve overinvested in products but aren’t selling them fast enough. Too little inventory can lead to a decline in sales rank, and you risk losing customers to competitors who are in stock.

Introducing Flywheel 2.0 Inventory Optimization!

With Flywheel Inventory Optimization you gain full visibility into your inventory metrics and business performance and receive AI-powered demand forecasting recommendations enabling you to boost inventory efficiency, improve ROI, and scalably grow your business. Easily see what inventory you have, know how it’s performing, and discover actionable insights to improve performance while saving you time and money.

Read on to learn how to get started in Inventory Optimization.

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Inventory Optimization is in beta and currently only available to a select group of customers. Interested in learning more about this feature, Flywheel 2.0, or how you can be selected for early access? Sign up for Flywheel 2.0 early access.

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