What is Inventory Status?

Inventory Status in Flywheel represents the health of your inventory based on the projected weeks of supply in the Amazon Fulfillment Center. Your projected weeks of supply is used to determine the health of the SKU.

Weeks of supply looks at your Total FC Quantity along with the projected demand for your product to estimate the number of weeks your inventory will last before you sell out. Unless your goal is to liquidate a product or it is a seasonal item, you will always want the majority of your SKUs to be considered 'healthy'.

There are 4 statuses that can be applied to each SKU:

Out of Stock = 0 weeks of supply

Low Stock = less than 4 weeks of supply

Healthy = between 4 and 13 weeks of supply

Excess = greater than 13 weeks of supply

These statuses can vary over time since they are dependent on your current sales velocity. If you make changes to advertising strategy, for example, you begin running a promotion or lightning deal you can quickly move from healthy to low stock status.

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