Inventory Value

The current value of your products in the Amazon Fulfillment Center. The summation of your COGS. This does not include inbound inventory. Learn more.

Inventory Status

Shows the health of a SKU based on the projected weeks of supply available. Learn more.

Out of Stock = 0 weeks of supply
Low Stock = less than 4 weeks of supply
Healthy = between 4-13 weeks of supply
Excess = greater than 13 weeks of supply

Total FC Inventory

The total number of units in Amazon fulfillment centers. Excludes inbound quantities.

[Fulfillable Quantity + Unsellable Quantity + Reserved Quantity + Research Quantity]

3 Month Forecast

Projected number of units you need to have in stock to meet customer demand for the next 3 months. The demand forecast is calculated based on sales trends, network, category, and marketplace data. This number is an estimation. Learn more.

Total Sales

Total sales for units sold over a specific period of time. Includes paid and organic. Excludes Sponsored Brands sales.

Total Units Sold

Total units sold over a specific period of time.

Est Profit Margin

Estimated gross margin/profit tells you the percentage of your total sales that become gross profits after factoring in COGS, selling fees, and ad spend.

Weeks of Supply

The estimated number of weeks that your current inventory supply will last based on the projected demand for your product.

If you continue with the same sales velocity, this is the number of weeks your inventory will last before you sell out. Consider lead replenishment time and weeks of supply when planning your purchases. Learn more.

Sell Through Rate

The rate at which your units are selling out. This shows the relationship between the number of units sold and the amount of inventory on hand.

A low sell-through rate may indicate oversupply, while a high sell-through rate may indicate undersupply. Learn more.

Return on Investment (ROI)


Measures your ability to turn inventory into gross profit. This ratio informs you of how much money you earn for every dollar you invest in inventory.

A higher ROI means indicates greater profitability ad increased inventory efficiency. Learn more.

Note: For FBM SKUs inventory metrics data may be incomplete.

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