Answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to adding search terms and how they're monitored in Market Intelligence. Sections include:

Adding Search Terms:

How many search terms can I track in Market Intelligence?

You can track up to 1,000 terms in Active or Fetching status simultaneously.

What search terms should I track in Flywheel?

Consider tracking your high-value keywords, these are terms you typically rank high for and often lead to a high number of conversions and/or generate high revenue.

If you have brand awareness and known competitors, track associated terms to make sure you're able to defend your brand and target your competition.

Review our article Choosing Terms to Track to learn more.

Are the search terms I define case sensitive?

No. Uppercase and lowercase letters are not interpreted differently. For example, "Sony HD TV" and "sony hd tv" are considered the same search term.

However, when monitoring search terms we do so using an exact match of every term, this means singular and plural states are taken into account. For example, "Bluetooth headphones" and "Bluetooth headphone" are considered different search terms.

What happens if I include a search term on my upload list and it is already being tracked, will it be added twice?

Flywheel will recognize that this term is already being tracked and it will not be included in the upload. The term will not be added to the list twice.

What happens if my upload contains more than 1,000 terms?

If the CSV file you're attempting to upload contains more than 1,000 terms or as a result of the load you will end up with more than 1,000, the tool will now allow you to upload the list. As such, you will be prompted to select another file and try again.

Collecting Data on Search Terms:

Which pages of search results data are you scraping?

We currently only scrape search results for page one.

Are both desktop and mobile data included in the scrape?

We currently only scrape results for desktop searches. Mobile search data is not available.

For paid searches what ad types are included in the calculations for page 1?

We currently only scrape results for Sponsored Products ads.

What sales channels is market intelligence data available for?


What countries is market intelligence data available for?

Market Intelligence data is currently available for:

Amazon Brands: US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, and IN

How long does it take to see search term data after added?

When a new search term is added to Flywheel it will go into the 'fetching' state for up to 24 hours to collect data. This is necessary for Market Intelligence to gather enough data points for you to use. Once the term enters the active state you can begin running queries. If data was previously collected on this term you will be able to see it in your dashboards for the timeframe you select.

What is fetching?

Fetching is a state assigned to newly added terms. It indicates that we have not gathered enough data samples in order to provide you with market intelligence insights. Terms typically remain in this state for 24 hours. Queries cannot be run for fetching terms.

What does it mean if I see the message “your search includes data for 3 of 7 days queried”?

Flywheel is able to surface insights on brand coverage and product ranking for the number of days the term has been active. Meaning, if a term has been in the active state for 3 days, Flywheel will only be able to surface metrics for those 3 days.

If the timeframe you’re attempting to run a query for is longer than the days the term has been active, the query will produce partial data and this notification will appear.

How much historical data can I see for a search term with the Market Intelligence dashboard?

We are able to show you up to 30 days of data on each search term. If you remove a search term and then re-add it at a later date historic data will be restored if this action was completed within the 30-day window.

What happens if I remove search terms from Flywheel?

Search terms can be removed from tracking at any time, simply click the ‘trash can’ icon under Actions. If you choose to re-add terms within the same 30 day period historic data will be restored.


Can I add search terms manually?

Currently, search terms can only be added using the bulk upload (CSV) functionality.

Can I remove search terms from Flywheel in bulk?

Search terms can only be removed individually by selecting the trash can icon in the Actions column on the settings page.

Learn more about uploading terms using our CSV template here.

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