On the Market Intelligence Dashboard run queries on your active tracked terms to discover brand coverage and product ranking insights on the first page of search results.

Note: Page one results reflect only desktop searches and paid placement appearances include only sponsored product ads.

Select an Active Term to Query:

To get started, select the platform, search term, and time frame to measure.

Note: Search terms in the fetching state will not appear in the drop-down selection.

The dashboard will reveal all of the brands and products that appeared on page one of search results for the selected term over the specified timeframe. If you select a timeframe that is longer than the number of days a term has been active the query will deliver partial results.

There are three main components of the Dashboard:

  1. BCS Charts: Showcases the Top-5 brands that own coverage for a particular keyword.

  2. Data Table: Showcases the average product rank for each product listing and the performance metrics for all brands that appeared for a particular search term.

  3. Data Export: Download and save SOV insights to monitor changes in brand performance over long periods of time.

Brand Coverage on Search (BCS) Charts

The BCS charts showcase the performance of the Top-5 Brands that appear on the first page of search results for a particular term during the specified timeframe. Appearances are broken down by total, organic, and paid placements.

Use the line chart to review day-over-day performance for the top brands. Metrics for brands labeled as "other" are displayed in the table below.

This is an easy way to quickly visualize who is dominating the space for your selected search term and how you stack up to the competition.

Learn more about BCS metrics.

Data Table: Average Product Rank and BCS Metrics

Gain additional insights on brand coverage and learn how each brand's products are ranking on the first page of results for the particular search term within the data table.

The average product rank tab shows the percentage of times (% of appearances) a particular listing appeared on the first page of results and how that listing ranked when it was shown, meaning where the listing was positioned on the page.

The Brand Coverage on Search tab shows the complete list of brands that appeared on the first page of results. Page 1 BCS-Total highlights which brands own the most coverage for that search.

Sort the columns to gain visibility on the organic and paid search ranking for your brand and products relative to your competitors. This can provide insights into areas of your business where you may be over/under-investing in ads.

Learn more about Product Rank.

Data Export

To measure the performance of your brand and monitor changes in product positioning over long periods of time download your market insights using the export button.

Data for BCS and Average Product Rank will be exported as 2 CSV files honoring the parameters stated in the search query. Downloading your data will enable you to complete further analysis outside of Flywheel, store historical data, and run time series analysis.

Additional Information:

To learn more on how to apply these insights to your business review Market Intelligence Strategies.

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