What is Brand Coverage on Search (BCS)?

Brand Coverage on Search shows the percentage of times (% of appearance) a brand’s listings appeared on the first page of search results for the selected search term and timeframe.

For example, if page one of search results displayed 30 listings for the search term query “modern armchair” and on average Beta Furniture products appeared 6 times the BCS for Beta Furniture would be 20% (6 listings/30 total listings).

What insights does BCS provide you?

BCS data shows you which brands are dominating the space for your selected search term and if any of your competitors' brands are on the rise.

You can use this information to measure the performance of your brand in relation to your competitors and identify trends over time.

The BCS charts highlight the overall and the day-by-day performance of the Top-5 Brands that appear on the first page of search results. This information is further broken down by paid and organic appearances.

Note: If your brand does not appear on page 1 in some search results the BCS will be 0% for those search results and will be considered in the average BCS calculation.

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