The inventory Health Dashboard provides a snapshot view of the health of your inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment center. This enables you to quickly identify SKUs in need of attention and provides you with recommended actions to help you improve your profitability.

Access the Inventory Health Dashboard within the left navigation panel.

The inventory dashboard shows the breakdown of your inventory investment in three sub-dashboards:

  1. Inventory Age: Number of days your SKUs have been in Amazon Fulfillment Centers

  2. Weeks of Supply: Number of weeks your current inventory will last based on current demand

  3. On-Hand Inventory: Number of sellable units within Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Each sub-dashboard provides different CTAs that can be used to help you make informed decisions on actions you can take to ensure you:

  • Improve overall profitability

  • Reduce long-term storage fees (LTSF)

  • Reduce your risk of stocking out

How to Use:

Select a sub-set of SKUs to review performance trends by interacting with the dashboard. Filters can be applied by clicking on the CTA or any field within the table. Apply additional filters using the Filter function.

Once you've set you're desired filters click on the SKU count in the top right corner to be directed to the Trends page.

Note: SKU count may appear different in each sub-dashboard due to how Amazon reports data. To learn more about the status of your SKUs download your Inventory Age report in Seller Central.

Additional Information:

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