The product Trends page will show you how your SKUs have been performing over the past weeks, months, quarters, and years with respect to Total FC Quantity, Sales, Estimated Profit Margin, and Average Selling Price.

Evaluating how your SKUs are performing relative to these key drivers will help you make replenishment, advertising, and pricing decisions quicker.

The Trends page can be accessed in 2 ways. To see an unfiltered list of your product catalog access Trends from the Products section of Flywheel.

You can also navigate to the Trends page from the Health Dashboard. Set parameters on the dashboard to view a filtered list of products in Trends.

How to Use:

On the product trends page evaluate your SKU performance relative to key drivers to gain insights on the necessary actions you can take to improve profitability and make purchasing decisions.

Choose the timeframe you'd like to review data: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Expand the columns to view 4 periods of data for each metric. Trends data will show only the most complete data available.

Locate a specific SKU or product ASINs using search, you can enter the product name, SKU, or ASIN in the search bar. Use the export functionality to review trends outside of Flywheel.

To apply custom filters set your parameters on the inventory health dashboard.

Applying Insights to your Business:

Reviewing SKU performance trends can provide you with insights on:

  • How product demand shifts over time

  • The relationship between inventory levels and profitability

  • The impact product price has on customer demand and conversions

  • Where SKUs fall in their product lifecycle (i.e. growth, decline)

Review SKU performance over short periods of time to see if changes to your advertising strategy are having a positive impact.

Review trends over long periods of time to evaluate how your products are moving through the product lifecycle and make informed decisions for inventory planning: are you hitting your long-term goals? Has customer demand been a steady decline and its time to liquidate the SKU?

Learn more about how to apply these insights to your business.

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