Flywheel will generate new keyword recommendations using data from your existing auto and manual campaigns once weekly.

Tip: The Type column indicates if the keyword recommendation was generated from an auto or manual campaign.

How to Add Keywords:

Search terms that have resulted in at least one conversion will be added be as a keyword recommendation. The source campaign and source ad group indicates where the ad was running when the conversion was generated.

To add the search term as a keyword in your campaigns select the search term and the target ad group you'd like the keyword to be added to. If you're running a mirror campaign structure Flywheel will provide a suggested ad group in the dropdown menu based on the source ad group name. If you don't see the ad group you like the move the keyword type in the name of the desired ad group.

Flywheel will automatically select the recommended match type for each keyword recommendation based on where it was sourced (i.e. auto vs manual campaign).

To learn more about the different columns on this page review this article.

Performance Metrics:

Use the associated performance metrics to make decisions on which keywords should be added to your campaigns. Sort and filter the columns to narrow down the list based on your campaign goals.

For example, if you're trying to maintain or lower your ACoS focus on terms that have resulted in 2 or more conversions and have an ACoS under 40%. This will help you avoid adding keywords that may generate wasted ad spend.

Auto vs Manual Keyword Recommendations

There are some key differences between the two types of keyword actions, it is recommended that you filter by "type" when reviewing the suggestions.

Add keywords from Auto campaigns:

Auto campaigns help you to identify search terms buyers are using to discover your products. Search terms that result in at least one conversion are added as a keyword recommendation to be added to your manual campaigns.

Search terms selected to be added keywords in your manual campaign will be added as a phrase match type. This selection can be changed using the dropdown menu, but it is not recommended.


When a search term is added as a keyword it is then automatically added as a negative exact match keyword in the source ad group of the auto campaign. This will prevent you from bidding on the term twice.

If you would prefer to keep the search term running in the auto campaign this can be updated in settings. This functionality is only available when adding keywords sourced from auto campaigns.

Note: If you're unable to locate the target ad group confirm that you are also running a corresponding manual campaign. For best results, it is advised that you create a mirrored campaign structure.

Add keywords from Manual Campaigns:

Keywords sourced from manual campaigns use existing keyword data to:

  • Further refine keyword match types (phrase → exact match) of existing keywords

  • Discover new long-tail keywords


Source keyword: “tree swing” (phrase)

Recommended (long-tail) keyword: “large tree swing hammock” (exact)

Similar to adding keywords from your auto campaigns, only search terms that result in at least one conversion are added as a keyword recommendation. Flywheel will recommend the keyword match type based on data from your existing keywords.

Source Keyword:

The source keyword represents a keyword you're currently bidding on in the manual campaign. Hover over the search term to identify the keyword source and better understand the recommendation from Flywheel.

Note: No keywords are being negated when adding new keywords generated from your manual campaigns.

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